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6 Savvy SEO Shortcuts

Click tricks are tricky in that higher rankings do not instantly generate more clicks. That's what a strong SEO does, generates clicks that translate into increasing business. Believe it or not, you don't actually have to rank higher to get more traffic if you can get more clicks from your current rankings. Here's are six specific strategies for getting more organic clicks without having to pay for false rankings.

1. Favicon fun

What's a favicon? It's basically a browser icon that pops up for a website. Google displays favicons in mobile search results, and their fun look can influence your click-through rate by a few percentage points if it's sharp.

2. Meta descriptions

This is so old-school SEO, but a recent study shows that 30% of websites don't even use meta descriptions. This makes sense since another study shows that 70% of the time, Google will rewrite the meta description, usually because it's not using the keywords that the user is searching for. Here's where a well-crafted description can compel users to click, and gets Google to use your meta description which then acts as marketing copy for your website.

4. Boilerplate

What's boilerplate? Boilerplate are the parts of your title tag that repeat every single time.

For example, here at MADD Media, we put "MADD Media," our brand name at the end of every title tag. Try to provide titles with unique value. Constant testing is a must in this area.

5. Increase internal linking

Top SEO agencies know that when we need to quickly increase rankings for clients, there are two levers we pull first. We start with title tags and meta descriptions, then move to increase internal linking.

6. Be the last click

What does that even mean? It's rude to let your users leave hungry, so leave them satisfied. It's hard enough to earn that first click, give them a reason to stay for that last click by giving them exactly what they searched for. User satisfaction is ranking signal number one. That's the magic of SEO. They're searching for something, and you're delivering it to them at the exact moment they search for it. When you can be the last click, you're almost guaranteed to genuinely rise in rankings and get the traffic you deserve.

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