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3 Quick Tips On Marketing Strategy

All great success stories start with a target. Setting clearly defined goals at the beginning of the year, month, week and day gives you and your team a greater shot at reaching them. If I told you to drive blindfolded, you would most likely call me out for being ridiculous. Because even though you were told what to do, I not only failed to tell you where to go but the blindfold would have prevented you from seeing where you were going, making your journey a dangerous one. The same goes for your marketing.

Every marketing strategy requires a set goal. I stopped counting the amount of times a potential client failed to provide clearly defined objectives, let alone budgets. This is why we at MADD Media try to learn as much about you and your company as possible, so together we can come up with realistic metrics for success. Meeting objectives for your company becomes much easier and more likely if you know where you’re headed and have a clear path to follow -- even Dorothy needed a yellow brick road to get where she needed.

Here's our MADD Media Marketing process:

1. When you’re ready to start your marketing strategy, envision where you want to be. Now with that goal in mind, you can now plan the steps that must be taken to get there.

2. An essential part of this plan is performing a SWOT analysis on your marketing strategy: examining its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Be honest when you ask yourself the following questions:

• “What are really good at?”

• “Where do we need to shore up?”

• “What are our opportunities for reaching new prospects and customers?” or “What could we be offering that’s different?”

• “What is it our competition is or can be doing better than we are?

We can't slay dragons unless we know they breathe fire and have a soft underbelly.

3. Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, outline a plan to act on your strengths and opportunities and slay your weaknesses and threats. Doing so will help you create a MADD Media marketing plan that will not only strengthen your yearend margins, but make you more attractive to your team, clients, investors and top-notch talent looking for better opportunities.

Looking to for an advertising agency that integrates your goals into a MADD Media marketing strategy? Let's talk (956) 369.3663 or

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