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We're all MADD here!

The reason our sanity is always in question is because we never stop striving to create advertising that is beautiful, funny, or wise.  And, if we’re lucky, all three. Our client's growth is aided through our effective use of media, creativity and analytics.  


Occasionally, our work becomes a part of popular culture and lives far beyond the means of its media.  This is the Holy Grail. We live for this! But it doesn't end there.


We take it a step further with strategic placement to ensure your advertising investment is working for you where it counts, your ROI. Our commitment to success is the reason for our high client retention rate.  


MADD Media specializes in delivering the right kind of game-changing message to the right audience at the right time. Every media outlet peacocks about claiming to be the greatest show on Earth because they have a sales quota to fill, but having an expert on your side who knows the difference can not only free up your time, but also prevent your advertising budget from leaking - that’s where MADD Media excels.

We're idealists with the mission to become better than we were yesterday and that ideal extends to the services we offer our clients.  Improving never ends at MADD Media.

American Advertising Silver Award Winner 




Susanna Maddrigal, MADD Media CEO in grey Anthroplogie sweater with white bows and silver Frye cowboy boots. Also author of A Cat's Tale. TODAY SHOW guest. HUFFPOST freelance writer.
MADD Media Project Manager
MADD Media Accounting
Gemma Garza
Bonnie Ozuna


Project Manager

Lead Designer

Head of Accounting


We are a fully integrated brand design and advertising agency that specializes in creating campaigns that come to life. 


          Media Strategy & Management                                                    Logo Design

        (All Platforms: TV, Radio, Billboards, Print, Digital)                              Review Management

        Reputation Management                                                              Sentiment Analytics

        Optimized Digital Listing Services                                                   Press Releases

       ​ Digital Marketing                                                                        PR

        Social Marketing                                                                        Internal Business Consultants

        Brand Personality & Profiling                                                         Event Marketing 

        Website Design                                                                         Collateral Design 

        SEO (Search Engine Optimization)                                                Product Launches


                                                                                                        And the list goes on . . . 



3700 N. 10th Street

Suite 101

McAllen, TX 78501


Tel: 956.369.3663


MADD Media Advertising Headquarters
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