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Top Five Tips For Finding The Right Marketing Agency For Your Business!

As you make your move to hire an agency, you want to ensure you can get the partnership that will benefit your business on several levels. The relationship needs to be there, but so do the big ideas. Your agency needs to be able to know which KPI's are important and keep your company on a steady track to success with its digital and traditional media.

Finding an agency that you can join forces and begin a new venture with is key to ensuring your business gets the most out of its marketing budget. While skills and experience are important, you also want an easy personality you can deal with that "gets you" and your business culture and goals.  In essence it's a marriage that you want to last long term in ensure your success.

Below, are the top five tips recommended by the leading professional in the industry to help you with your quest: 

1. Who Will Handle Your Account

One important, but often overlooked, aspect of picking an agency is knowing who will be working on your account. Will you be billed at senior management rates only to be pawned off on junior level talent? - Allan Hug, KOAH Media

2. Quality Of Service

Anyone who can sell their agency will support your needs, but understanding what sets them apart from other similar agencies is imperative. The foundation of our business is service, but research and understanding client goals are how we build long-standing relationships. - Lori Lutz, Smart 1 Marketing

3. Reliability

The most important trait that you should look for in any business you are deciding to work with is reliability — will they get the job done as promised? Will they be there for my business if I have questions or if my strategies or priorities change? Always speak with references, and ask if the company has been able to deliver on all services and remain accessible to them as clients. - Michele Gray, Active Web

4. Knowledge Of Your Industry

A common mistake that companies make when hiring external PR counsel is considering agencies that aren't familiar with their industry. Tech companies must be represented by tech PR firms that understand their clients' products and services. You don't go to the dentist when you have a skin condition, do you? Don't be lured by sweet talk, save time and money by making the right choice the first time! - Emil Bachev, Bacheff

5. Adaptability 

In an increasingly fragmented world, the ability to work across platforms for brands should be a highly attractive feature when searching for a great agency. It's important to know how well does the agency adapt to change or fit with your company’s overall vision? That needs to be evaluated in the assessment process. But first, decide when and if you need an agency at all.

                                                                      - Susanna Maddrigal, MADD Media 

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